MCB HISTORY: I am very grateful for been given the opportunity to share my son’s story that started my organisation called Miracle Come Back( MCB) in 2009 on a BIGGER scale and also the opportunity to save more lives globally and as the readers start to follow the story, the activities, and more….

They will get a better understanding as to why we are doing this, our motivation for continuing MCB and recognise those MCB members/countries involved. I was born in the year 1969 in Gary, Indiana USA and when i was 7 years old in 1976 we moved to the lovely state Florida. In 1993 i took my Shahada and changed my name from John to Bilal after meeting the most famous boxer of all time brother Muhammad Ali. In 1994 i moved to Wisconsin state , i now was 25 years old. In 2008 i became a single father of 3 children ( Yasmeen, Rasheed and Elijah) this became a very BIG challenge in my life, especially with the gangs in my city and other types of crimes going on here ( robberies, police brutality, prostitution, and more) .

In 2008 my 2 sons joined gangs and frequently disappeared from my house and at the time i was without a vehicle and had to take the bus to work, the grocery store and anywhere i needed to go( very hard times ahead i felt). At the end of July 2009 i told my landlord whom i paid my apartment rent to that i need to move out at beginning of August due to an emergency….. I was honest with her regarding my kids and i explained i had to move to a safer area so i can try and get my kids out of the gang life and do my best to keep them safe( hoping they’ll meet better kids) she accepted my argument and we moved on August 2nd to a nicer area around 4 miles south of where we were living. I hated moving but i had to do whatever i felt was gonna keep not only my kids safe , but me as well. As we delivered our furniture and boxes into our new apartment…..

We decided to go to sleep and in the morning we will continue putting things away and arrange our new apartment so we can start our new lives together InshAllah( God willing). After praying salat al fajr i began to make breakfast because i knew we had a long busy day ahead of us. Around 11:30am my boys whispered in each others ears as to push the other one to ask me something…..

Finally Elijah got the courage to ask if they can go bicycle riding and i agreed as long as they stayed in the area and came back home in less than an hour so they can continue helping me put things away plus i was worried still about what my kids had became with these little punk gang bangers. As an hour went by they never showed up and then 2 hours went by and same story……. So i decided to leave my house around 1:30pm and get on the bus and head 4 miles north to my old neighborhood we just moved from. Once i got off the city bus, i started walking to places where my kids would usually be at( one being the library) so i went there first and Bingo i hit the jackpot…..

There is my son Elijah on the library computer shocked that i found him there….. I yelled at my son ” WHY ARE YOU HERE? My sons reply didn’t make any sense, then i asked him where was Rasheed? He said he’s on the other side of the library, let me go get him….. Like a fool i believed him and once again he played a magic trick and disappeared. For the next 2 hours i walked up and down the streets in search of my 13 and 16 year old sons without any luck. So around 6pm i got back on the city bus and headed back home hoping my kids were there waiting for me. Before making it home i had a bad feeling and decided to stop at a friends house who lived 6 blocks from where i lived hoping the xtra time away from home would allow my boys to be home before i arrived there. After drinking tea with my friend and letting him know my situation, he convinced me everything was gonna be okay and to call him later with the good news inshAllah( God willing). I arrived at home at around 830pm and my sons were still not home, so i decided to put a note on my door saying “Went to eat at Oakland Gyros restaurant meet me there” again no one showed up so i walked home after eating hoping my boys finally made it back. I arrived home at 11:15pm and as i made it up the steps to my apartment and took off my shoes ….. I heard a familiar voice screaming the following words “DADDY DADDY COME DOWN STAIRS HURRY” As i looked out the window, i noticed it was my older son Elijah standing next to a white car driven by his friends mother. I immediately ran down the stairs and asked where is Rasheed, then Elijah replied that he was in a serious accident on 16th and Greenfield ave….. So she drove me to the accident scene and as i arrived i noticed around 20 police cars and and 4 streets were taped off ( 16th street, Muskego ave, Julio Cesar Chavez Dr and Greenfield ave) as i talked to the police officers there and explained who i was, they told me to go to children’s hospital where they rushed him too.

We arrived to the hospital in about 10 minutes. And i ran into the hospital emergency room and the receptionist sent me to a place where detectives were waiting to talk to me. As we sat in a private room, the detectives wanted to explain to me what happened from what they gathered from witnesses….. Here is what they told me about the accident ” Your older son rode his bicycle through a changing red light and made it safe to the other side and your younger son rode his bicycle through a standing red light and was hit and run over by 2 separate vehicles driving in opposite directions” After listening to this news, i began to tear up and they left me alone and about 2 hours later i got to meet my son Rasheeds surgeon and he wanted to give me the updates i been waiting for…. He said ” Your son had suffered many internal injuries such as; he lost 1 kidney, 1/2 his liver, crushed 1 lung, broke his pelvis and lost 46 Pints of blood in surgery” after hearing this my heart started beating a million miles per hour…. He continued by saying ” Your son is in very bad shape and i give him about a 5% chance of survival based on his injuries and if he does survive he will not be the same boy that you remember” saying that, either way i wont have my son back i felt. I immediately got on the hospital computer and emailed family/friends letting them know what happened and i told them ” Please pray for my son Rasheed to survive and if he does not survive that Allah swt( God) grants my son Jannah ( Heaven)…. This is the end of part #1 of the true story that started my organisation called Miracle Come Back( MCB) part #2 will be in the next magazine inshAllah a week later. Bilal Markis Founder of MCB

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